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Know Your Droid

Find out how easy it is to use your Andorid smartphone for making basic phone calls all the way to rooting.

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What is the Droid Tutorial?

The droid tutorial is a tutorial simulation system built by Jabari Holder to help children as young as 7 and adults as old as humanly attainable with using their Android powered devices. It uses only HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and Ajax.


Normal User


Fun. Easy. Interactive.

Every device has a manual but lets be honest, many people don’t really read them. We thought it might be nice to ensure your experience contains maximum interactivity and minimal reading.



Tutorial Features

The droid tutorial is broken up into two sections; the Simulation and Tutorial. The tutorial is focused on teaching you how you can better utilize yourAndroid device, and the simulation allows you more freedom to use the device.


Android Phone

Consistent Functionality

You can use our Android tutorial with a keyboard or touch screen on your computer or tablet with ease.

Android Devices

We built it to ensure that you won't have to worry about what tablet or device it will function on.

Its just like your phone

The tutorial simulation is developed to be as accurate as possible to all of the supported devices. Because of the extensive list of supported devices, we only built in functionality that was relevant.


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Android Phone

Everyone Gets Love

The Android tutorial supports as much devices as possible. Simply select the device you use and it will automatically adjust to suit your needs.

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Even Kids and Powerusers

Not only are there tutorials for normal users, there are also tutorials for children and powerusers. Simplified tutorials and simulations are available for children. Rooting your device, advanced settings and device recovery are some of the common poweruser tutorials we provide.


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